The first appointment

The first appointment
Meeting an event planner for the first time can be very exciting but also quite overwhelming. Event planners are often though of as miracle worker; even though that is partially true, we do require a “dream” in order to make it come true. You wouldn’t expect your fairy godmother to know what you’re wishing for, would you? With that said; we’d highly recommend that you do your personal research before arranging any appointments with an event professional. It is important to have more or less an idea of how you would like to celebrate and remember your special moments.
The essentials are as follows:
  • Prospective date of event
  • Venue
  • Theme or color scheme
  • Amount of guests
Having these points in order before your meeting helps us to quickly assist you in an efficient and cost effective manner thus to providing you with exquisite designs & decorations for your event. Luckily we maintain a few themes on standby when our clients seem to be a bit lost or indecisive.


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