The perfect Invitation for your event

The perfect Invitation for your event

What can be considered as the perfect/ideal invitation for your event?

According to statements by highly acclaimed event planners and/or graphic designers – known for recommending invitations, it is important to have a hint about the upcoming event involved in or on your invitation.

As technology evolved massively over time, so did Mankind’s creativity. Nowadays decorations, setups and settings are so jaw-dropping… It is impossible to not have your invitation excite your prospective attendees upon the receipt of that which becomes the key to enter one’s event.

EXDDEP Website launch invitation template, being used for commercial purposes

Invitation designs vary from shapes, size, content and wording. In an orderly manner, you’d want to choose a theme for your event then work your way up the list mentioned above which can be assisted by an event planner or graphic designer.

SHAPE: Square, round, pleated, 3D, vertical rectangular, etc…

SIZE: The most adequate size for the invitation is based on the type of event. You cannot have a barbeque-sized invitation for a wedding.

CONTENT: 3-Diamension items, glitters, fabric or graphic designs added to the invitation to leak a hint as to what guests can expect when attending.

WORDING: The first line of an invitation says a lot – according to the type of event, use a quote that’d induce curiosity in your guests’ mind or a creative/whack word like ‘Wazzzzzaaaaaaah!’ We critically advise you not to use the outdated yet so formal sentence “You are cordially invited…; Join us in celebration…; etc…” but remember the chosen fonts/police will play a lot on the conception of your invitation!


Using these simple advise, you should accomplish the perfect invitation for your upcoming event.

Las Vegas themed Birthday Party

Be sure to start your wording with a sentence that reminds your guests

of Las Vegas & highlights of Casino items, single dollars or simply the famous Vegas strip!


“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”

      As Marko turns 25 years

The Vegas experience comes to St. Maarten

Sunday October 5th 2019 – 11pm til Sunrise

The Gentlemen’s Club, Bellevue



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